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CI believes in empowering organizations through community service and knowledge sharing.  

Our objective is to help public benefit organizations accomplish their defined goals.Through CI’s ‘Pro Bono Organizational Empowerment Services Program’, we freely share our resources with qualified businesses, groups, organizations, communities/cities and public agencies seeking expertise in research, evaluation, organizational development and community engagement.

How does CI’s ‘Pro Bono Organizational Empowerment Services Program’ work?

CI works with selected organizations to identify their needs and develop customized work plans to achieved desired quality and outcomes related to strategic growth, organizational development, community development and research and evaluation. All CI ‘Pro Bono Organizational Empowerment Services Program’ projects begin with an organizational analysis to increase our knowledge and understanding of the organizations key strengths, weaknesses, and challenges.  Based on their strategic objectives, CI helps organizations identify areas for improvement, develop evidence-based intervention strategies and achieve outcomes that are cost-effective and beneficial.

How can CI’s ‘Pro Bono Organizational Empowerment Services Program” help?

  1. CI provides ‘pro bono’ organizational empowerment services for qualified organizations through well-thought-out 2-3 month project engagements;
  2. CI works with organizations requiring singular assistance with one-day events like facilitating community meetings, conducting organizational strengthening activities, and coordinating research/evaluation workshops and training.

How to Apply?

Organizations seeking empowerment through research and evaluation, community engagement, training, facilitation, and/or mission-oriented events are encouraged to contact CI at intelligence@communityintelligence.org.
To be selected, organizations must meet the following criteria:

  1. 501(c)3 or similar non-profit designation
  2. A minimum of three full-time paid staff members (e.g. Executive Director, Project Manager and Program Assistant).
  3. Provide an Annual Report for the past two years
  4. A minimum annual  budget of $150,000
  5. Completed application essay

Preference will be given to organizations whose work is located in Los Angeles, California