Center for Healthy Neighborhoods


To pursue the creation of healthy and sustainable neighborhoods to improve physical health, mental health, the built environment and well-being in lower income communities. 

The four primary CHN activities are: nurturing a learning community; providing the evidence base; influencing policies and practices; and, strengthening leadership. 

CHN will work with community leaders, local government and elected officials to overcome impediments to community investment, inclusive planning, effective community engagement and equitable development.


Project Activity #1: The Healthy Neighborhoods Learning Community (HNLC)

What is it? The Healthy Neighborhoods Learning Community (HNLC) is a large and growing network of diverse professionals with a shared commitment to creating healthy and sustainable neighborhoods and overcoming barriers to full access to resources that help low income people and people of color  lead healthy and opportunity rich lives.

Project Activity #2: Research and Recommendations (R&R) for Healthy Neighborhoods

What is it? CHN’s R&R consists of two primary types of activities. First, collection, synthesization and analysis of the existing evidence base for healthy neighborhoods with a focus on implementation issues given that there is a fairly robust evidence base that already describes what healthy neighborhoods are and what qualities they should have.  Second, CHN will conduct self-directed research to identify and develop recommendations for policies, practices and investment opportunities.